Customized Therapeutic Yoga & Instruction
for Individuals, Couples, & Groups

Yoga is a practice for everyone, regardless of age or physical ability.

Thrive Yoga Therapy in Asheville, NC provides a collaborative, practical, nurturing context in which to explore obstacles and illuminate each person’s potential for wellness. Hilary Drake delivers personalized guidance and coaching uniquely designed for you – your body, your mind, your goals, and your challenges.

Yoga is an ancient healing art that incorporates conscious breath, movement, mindfulness, and empowered lifestyle choices. When integrated, this combination maximizes the potential for health and healing, ease and contentment, and aligns us more closely with our true nature.

Whether you are seeking one-on-one yoga therapy for support with a health challenge, or private or group yoga instruction, Hilary will meet you where you are right now and address your specific needs, honor whatever limitations you may have, and empower you to reach your wellness goals.

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