Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy can be practiced in conjunction with any medical treatments you are already receiving or in tandem with other complementary therapies. No prior experience of yoga is necessary before starting.

Thrive Yoga Therapy integrates yoga poses and breath work with gentle, hands-on muscle and structural support designed to create positive shifts in the body and mind. As your yoga therapist, I will be actively involved in your movement and postures. I will use a combination of hands-on assistance and adjustments to ensure that you derive the maximum benefits from each posture.

At the conclusion of each session, we will review the postures. Afterward, I will send you an email follow-up with descriptions of the postures, as well as photos of you in the postures. This will help you repeat the program in between our sessions together. While the number of sessions needed depends largely on your own situation, most students meet their most immediate goals within 4-6 appointments.

Please ask about the availability of in-home sessions if you have limited mobility or are unable to arrange for transportation to the studio.

$90 // 90-minute initial assessment
$75 // 75-minute regular session

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These days I am reveling in the amount of comfort I have in my body.

I began seeing Hilary for yoga therapy a year and a half ago for a low back disc herniation. I came to Hilary in pain, with limited flexibility and a lot of fear about re-injuring my back and just overall frustration with the situation my body was in. I did have my own daily yoga practice at this point but honestly, I just didn’t really know enough to push myself in the right direct to really heal & strengthen my back. I was just throwing together some generic combination of postures that I had picked up along the way in various “back care” yoga classes over the years. It wasn’t enough. With Hilary’s fine tuned anatomy and yoga knowledge, she was able to custom create a set of postures specific to my body, that I could take home and practice. With each week that went by, I could clearly see and feel the changes occurring in my body from this daily work that I was doing. She started me out with some very simple practices but with each month that went by we would adapt and build on those as my body became stronger and more flexible. The whole process with Thrive has reminded me of being on a boat together. Hilary is using her extensive knowledge of anatomy and yoga to steer the boat in the direction it needs to go while I am doing the labor of rowing the boat, which to me means, I am doing the “work” at home each day on my mat. Even if it’s only 15 minutes, it makes a huge difference! These days I am reveling in the amount of comfort I have in my body. Gone is that lingering fear that my wrong movement will put my back out again. I have more freedom of movement, more peace in the body, more flexibility and muscles in places that I have never had them before!

–E.V. Vonseldeneck